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Group Language Lessons for Kids

KidsGroup lessons for K-12 children are offered by ABC Languages on a customized basis. Schools, organizations and groups of parents let us know what they are looking for and we design a program to meet those needs. Whether it is a once a week after-school program, an at-home language play group or a more intensive program of several times a week, ABC is able to design a program to match your request. If you are a parent interested in getting an after-school program going in your school, just let us know and we will contact the after-school program director of your child’s school (e-mail us here). If you prefer to form your own group to meet in your home or at our school, you only need three children of similar age to do so.

Let us know what you are looking for in this request form and we will send you more information (click here).

Scheduling and Cost: Scheduling is entirely up to you; we can accommodate most requests. Tuition is either charged directly to the parent or to your school. We will review your preference, the frequency you would like for the lessons and your location and present a quote for your review.

Private Lessons for Kids

Private lessons mean your child gets the exclusive attention of the teacher. Children have fun learning a second language one-on-one while playing games, singing songs, and doing language-focused activities. One-on-one attention also means your child can learn faster with the added practice time and more authentic interaction a private teacher can provide. You choose the days and times for the lessons and even may choose the location, whether it is in your home (for certain locations) or at our learning center.

Scheduling & Cost: Scheduling is entirely up to you; we can accommodate most requests. Tuition depends on the frequency of the lessons. Our prices are competitive - just let us know more and we will send you a price quote. A typical package is for 12 hours of lessons.

For Schools

Kids2If your school is interested in offering a foreign language program as part of your curriculum or as an after-school program, ABC Languages can help you. Our client list includes New York and California's top K-12 schools as well as universities (see our school list). We design and implement programs for groups, such as our kids’ after-school programs, or customized programs for universities. Some high schools have chosen ABC to provide language courses outside their regular language offerings, for less-commonly taught languages such as Chinese, Arabic, Russian and more. Let us know what you are looking for and we can design a program to meet your needs. We would be happy to come in to meet you and learn more about your school or organization, then, put together a proposal for your perusal. We do not charge a fee to design a customized curriculum nor do we require you to make a contractual commitment to us; we are confident you will continue to use our services based on our own merits. Contact us by calling 415-738-7383 and ask for our Private Programs Manager or by sending an e-mail to

Partial client list:

Columbia Business School (The Chazen Institute)
New York University (Stern)
The Chapin School
The Dwight School
Marymount School
The Calhoun School
Friend's Seminary
Birch Wathen Lenox Allen Stevenson School
Nightingale-Bamford School
St. Ignacius Loyola British International School
Shuangwen School 
St. Lukes School 
P.S. 116 
P.S. 41 
P.S. 3 
Cardinal McCloskey 
College Board
and many more..

ABC Languages: One Embarcadero Center, Lobby 1, San Francisco, CA 94111. (415) 738-7383
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